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HeresMyCard.ca is Calgary’s source for premium business cards. We have no template designs. Every business card is created individually with your business or organization in mind. While your business card is the smallest marketing piece, its value extends beyond many of the printed items you will purchase. After all, the business card is most often used when introducing your company to a new prospect or customer.Calgary Business Cards

Quality you can feel and see. All our business cards are printed on an offset printing press. While color copiers have made huge advancements over the years, offset printing still offers the quality our customers have become accustomed to. Whether you want to showcase your storefront or display your own photo on the business cards, our presses print 300 LPI (lines per inch) while much of the industry prints a quality of 175lpi. This technical information simply means that your photos will appear clear on your business card.

Here’s My Card Calgary is ready to assist with your printed promotional materials. From business cards to postcards and envelopes to flyers, we have the quality image you want for your business. If you are just starting out, be sure to visit our logos page and have us assist with branding your new company. Please browse our website for a full list of our services and see what Here’s My Card Calgary can do for you.

Business Cards CalgaryIn the 17th century, the business card originated as a calling card or visiting card. Many homes of the aristocracy would have a table or pedestal inside the entry way where the cards could be left for later viewing. Sometimes a business card would have to be given to the doorman which would be in turn presented to lady of the house. The viewing of the card would then determine whether or not the visitor would be received. While there is less formality attached to passing your business card to somebody, the layout, design, color, and branding of the card still hold the ability to grant or deny access in the minds of your prospective customers. Our design team would like to help you make your best impression the next time you say “Here’s My Card”.


Business Card Hints and Tips?

Your business card can be as unique as your own personality. However we must remember that while the business card will introduce you personally, it should reflect you company’s culture and energy. Standard size business cards are 2 x 3.5 inches. With the ability to use the front and back of the card, we can fit lots of information. But the rule to remember is “white space is good”! Overcrowding  the card will reduce the likelihood of it being read. Today’s business climate is especially concerned with getting the information fast. Make you business card “to the point” and easy to read. If you have lots of information to share, consider a call to action which directs your customer to go to your website, or a facebook page. If you have a video online that sums up your business services, then add a link to that page and consider displaying a QR Code.

Submit_Business_CardThe demographic consideration. Who is reading you business card? If your service or product caters to people over 45 years of age, the font size becomes more important. Lets hope that our eye doctors think even more about this when creating their business cards. How about color? Color has a large part to play in the emotional response your business card will create in the eyes of the viewer. Many people are aware of the emotional connections we have to color. For example, green is the color of peace and health, while grey expresses neutrality and a balanced state. What is less known is the fact that these colors are established environmentally, historically, and culturally. In other words, the color of you business card will elicit a different response from different cultures. For example, in North America we view the color purple as royalty, while in several countries purple is an expression of mourning. In a multi-cultural city like Calgary, some businesses may deal with specific ethnic backgrounds and will need to take this into account when making these decisions.

Face the issue!!  Some businesses are more likely to use their own image or face on their business card. Typically real estate agents, financial advisers, and even car saleportrait business cardsspersons will choose to use their photo on a card. If you are branding yourself as opposed to a company, then this is a good thing to consider. But I don’t want my photo taken!! While some of us may have a face for radio, the numbers don’t lie. Photo business cards and other photo print media help get you recognized and build the brand of YOU. If you go down this road, I would default to having a professional photographer take a set of photos for your use. Consider a head shot, waist up and a standing photo. Also ensure you have a few taken with a white background as this is easier to work with graphically. The other option that is sometimes used in lieu of a portrait, is the use of a professionally drawn caricature.

How does it feel! Our basic business cards are printed on a fantastic stock which is quickly becoming a standard for business card thickness. The texture is smooth and glossy. If you are wanting your card to stand out from the handful that a customer may amass in their receipt filled pockets, then you may want to address the feel of your business card. This can be done a number of ways. Consider a ridiculously thick card like 25pt. Now that’s thick. Also you can have your business card created with rounded corners, on a matte finish, or even a custom die cut shape. The possibilities are as endless as… well as endless as the money we choose to spend. Ask us for a custom quote  on one of the many custom card options.